yeah. but if you read just wait you'll get it.

                                                            i just had to.

                                                  i donut get the fascination with manipping rob's face onto naked guys'                     .                                                   bodies. AT FUCKING ALL.

i had to. ok for reals just read this chapter. omg.

                                                      i am frikin inspired tonight!

                                                          inspired by a dream virgy had about me
                                                       too fuckin funny!! erm the dream......

                                                   I'M SORRY. BUT I HAD TO.

                                                inspired by just wait. and danielle...........

                                                   i watched grease last night. 

SRS SQUIRREL POSTING...... you have to read with teeth, (thats where that link will lead you to....) its so bloody great. the realness and absolute truth of this fic is its major strength. the sexin is amazing cause its so real. its one of the best things you will ever ever read. promise.

      virgy wanted this. READ THIS CHAPTER. OMG

THEY DO IT. i'm obsessed with this song at the moment. srsly the story in this film clip would make an excellent idea for a ff........

                                                FYI, fanny means vagina. and they are pretty funny.

read this. WHAMMY
you have to read kristen's bit first or it won't make any sense
OK TAKE FUCKING TWO. wow. danielle made this, plus told me how to put it here! thank youuuuuuuu. cause i am computer illiterate. like i have no idea wtf i'm doing most of the time.