rob and henry and a safely nestled tomstu on
                                                the set of their new movie, the princess and me.  CAN'T WAIT!
                                            just popping up the shops to get some smokes.
                                              rob and henry muck around on the set of their new movie....
                                                   FUCK YOU TRAITOR CUNT

                                                        yeah. but if you read just wait you'll get it.

                                                            i just had to.

                                                  i donut get the fascination with manipping rob's face onto naked guys'                     .                                                   bodies. AT FUCKING ALL.

i had to. ok for reals just read this chapter. omg.

                                                      i am frikin inspired tonight!

                                                          inspired by a dream virgy had about me
                                                       too fuckin funny!! erm the dream......

                                                   I'M SORRY. BUT I HAD TO.

                                                inspired by just wait. and danielle...........