man its been quite remiss of me to not thank onehundredandsevenyearoldvirgin who set this whole thing up. without being asked/begged/bribed to. i mean who does that?? only the nicest lady out there.
if your not reading her stories, then fuck off outta here right now. but most of you are so we cool!
and heres the link to her stuff. read fixing fanny. she wrote that for someone totally awesum.

aaaaaaaaaand then theres miss danielle who takes enabling to a new fucking level. 
she is really to blame for all of this. 
she writes the best bella's out there. if you haven't read the workshop, then srsly fuck off. and
she is the creator of my favourite fanfic and favourite 'ward, shullen. let us have a moment and give thanks to 
shullen. SHULLENNNNN. and like for reals if you aren't reading under the apple tree
then i really do not want you to be here at all. i'll just conveniently forget that virgy hasn't read it yet.

so thank you so very very very very much darlin loves. BIG BUNCHES OF THANK YOUS.


  1. Fanny, you're ALL three!!! You're Asum...still Asum...and I is definitely jealous of ur mad skillz!!!

    I must of done something right in my life to find you guys....

    I'z got SO MUCH love for you guise!!!!

  2. fanny.. U are totally made of awesomesauce... the three of you.. namely 107, danielle, fanns.. I AM BLINDED BY UR AWESOMENESS *cue kung fu panda moves*

    and yes fanny... the fics uve mentioned are wwwwwoooorrrtthhhh bragging.. who could forget flower child, voctor shullen, fuck i cant even name all of them for fear of awesomeness overload *le fap*... this is great babes.. i have nothing but love, titty gropes and ass slaps for yallz.. for realzz....